EYEDRESS – ” Mulholland Drive “

Posted: August 29, 2021 in MUSIC

Eyedress’ fourth album “Mulholland Drive” is the latest evolution of the Filipino musician’s unique sound. Following his 2020 breakthrough Let’s Skip To The Wedding, which introduced global hits Jealous and Romantic Lover, the new record features collaborations with some of his favourite artists (King Krule, DāM-FunK, Triathalon, Vex Ruffin and more), while staying true to his vision.

“This album is about loving yourself and your life” Eyedress

Los Angeles based Filipino producer/singer Idris Vicuña has been making making glammy, twee DIY pop as Eyedress since the early ’10s. While some artists associated with that sound and city may have fallen out of favour, Eyedress is still going strong and had success recently when his 2020 single “Jealous” has become a viral hit. 

Working to maintain the momentum, he’s back with new album “Mulholland Drive“, out via Warp Records imprint Lex Records, that features a cavalcade of notable guest stars not to mention a whole bunch of catchy, melted pop songs. Among those guests are King Krule, who brings his moody, murky production style to “Chad and Gordy”Dent May who sings a verse on the album’s most immediate earworm, “Something About You”Dâm-Funk who slathers his namesake sound on slow jam “Keep It Real With You”; and DIY punk Vex Ruffin who brings a claustrophobic energy to “Fulfil the Dream.”

The guest-free songs are good, too, including the gothy, angry “Brain Dread” and “Spit on Your Grave,” the crystalline “Long Nights At The 711” and the yearning “Want You There Tomorrow.” Nostalgia is baked into Eyedress’ sound, pulling from the 2000s that were inspired by the ’80s that were inspired by the ’60s, while making room for the ’70s, ’90s and now, all recorded over the same cassette, with tracks bleeding through as the loop closes in.

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