Posted: August 27, 2021 in MUSIC
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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have shared a new video for “Ya Love”, one of the tracks off the Australian psych-shapeshifters’ latest album, “Butterfly 3000”.

Butterfly 3000″ marks yet another stylistic shift for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Derived from arpeggiated loops composed on modular synthesizers, the sounds were fashioned into optimistic “dream-pop” songs by the sextet. Butterfly 3000 sounds like nothing King Gizzard has released before, but it remains unmistakably their own—a testament to the limitless imagination and fluidity of this unicorn band.

While “Butterfly 3000‘s” sound is a far cry from the band’s offerings on 2020’s K.G. and its early-2021 follow-up, L.W. it was created in a similar, remote fashion. Members of the band recorded their respective parts from their own homes, their studio and rehearsal space remaining out of bounds.

Singer/multi-instrumentalist Stu Mackenzie described the process of making the album as a “group challenge.” In addition to writing this new material on unfamiliar equipment, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard committed to writing each of the songs in a major key, forcing them toward sunnier sonics. “We were trying to make upbeat dance music, in our own way, and we’d never gone there before,” says Mackenzie.

Butterfly 3000″ also abandoned another old Gizzard method, what Mackenzie describes as “throwing a lot of shit at the wall and finding that magic take, or building something with 20 tracks of guitar overdub.” Instead, the new album was a process of refinement, paring tracks back to their elements and pushing the melodies to the foreground.

The result, Mackenzie says, is “weird, odd, off-kilter polymetric arpeggios in strange time signatures, but with proper grooves you can stomp along to. At heart it’s avant garde, but a six-year-old could enjoy it.”

“Ya Love” is the latest Butterfly 3000 track to get the “mind-expanding video” treatment following “Black Hot Soup”, “Catching Smoke”, “Interior People” , “Blue Morpho” , “Yours”, “Dreams” and “Shanghai”. As of now, the only remaining song from the album without an official video is its title track, which closes the record.

In the new visuals for “Ya Love”, we find the computer-animated band in colourful spacesuits on a foreign planet and watch as a small, literal “lizard wizard” unleashes a glowing yellow butterfly that collapses reality and sends viewers down a rabbit hole of psychedelic imagery… and that’s just the first verse.

The entire video is a rollercoaster of sensory overload and surreal imagery worthy of the Mellotron- and synthesizer-heavy vamp. There’s probably plenty of symbolism to unpack in the multi-dimensional “Ya Love” video, but what it asks of viewers is stated more simply by the song’s lyrics: “Ya love is like a dream inside a dream / Relax, close your eyes and be with me.”

The Video created by Jason Galea, Amby: Percussion, Vocals Cavs: Drums Cookie: Mellotron, Bass Guitar, Synthesiser Stu: Vocals, Drums, Synthesiser, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar.

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