Posted: August 27, 2021 in MUSIC

Jessica’s Brother formed back in 2016 when The Wave Pictures’ drummer Jonny Helm and bassist Charlie Higgs were working together in a framing business and realised they shared a similar passion for making music. Fate intervened from there, as the pair met songwriter Tom Charleston, whose sister Jessica lends the band their name. The result was the band’s warmly received eponymous debut album, which came out via Fika Recordings back in 2018.

Now three years on the band are building towards the November release of their second album, “Just Rain“, which was produced and engineered by Shuta Shinoda at Hackney Road Studios during the summer of 2020. The London three piece Jessica’s Brother, comprising songwriter Tom Charleston, The Wave Pictures’ Jonny Helm on drums and Charlie Higgs on bass.

The songs explore a relentless collision of melancholy and resilience alongside themes of comedy, agency, and hope

The title track lays this out with an opening burst of slacker rock as Tom reflects back over a passage of time that feels like persistent unrelenting rain. Vacillating between despair and defiance, we uncover the strength to shrug it off as “just rain”; after all, as the track draws to its conclusion “losing sight can be relieving”.

Ahead of the release this week Jessica’s Brother have shared the record’s opening and title track. Just Rain is a song that deals with the meeting point of melancholy and resilience, as a long-term relationship ends at a time when the world feels in great flux. Musically, it’s something of a departure from their more folk-tinged debut, as distorted guitars come crashing into earshot alongside the pulsing slacker-rock rhythms and Tom’s half-spoken vocal delivery as he sings, “you’ve been trying, I’ve been trying, our heads are holy in silence”. Living up to the song’s title, the music seems to come crashing down from above, like the clouds opening and pouring down upon the band as they question whether to run for shelter or let it all fall down, as the song reaches its lyrical end, “could be death, could be just teething, losing sight can be relieving”. This feels like a step forward for Jessica’s Brother, a band moving on without losing the initial glint in the eye that made them such an exciting prospect in the first place.

Just Rain” is out November 26th via Fika Recordings.

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