DONOVAN – ” Sunshine Superman ” (1966)

Posted: August 27, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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“Sunshine Superman”, by Donovan The first single and title track from the album “Sunshine Superman“, released on this day in 1966. This was the first song that saw Donovan combine efforts with producer Mickie Most and arranger John Cameron. The trio kept working together through Donovan’s streak of hit albums in the late 1960s. Cameron plays the harpsichord on this track, and he came up with the idea of using both acoustic and electric bass, enlisting jazz bass player Spike Heatley and John Paul Jones.

Cameron: “The combination of double bass and bass guitar gave us, pre-synthesizers, a lot of depth and different textures at the bottom end.” John Paul Jones was at the time an in-demand musician and arranger, working with Most on recordings by Herman’s Hermits. The session also included one guitar player named Jimmy Page. A few years later Page and Paul Jones would form a band called Led Zeppelin.

Donovan wrote the song about his relationship with Linda Lawrence: “My tempestuous affair had started in the spring, had gone all the way through the summer, with me falling deeper and deeper in love with this girl who I realized – slowly – had a child and who had been with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones for two years and no marriage.

Lawrence left England for the sunny southern California, but the two reunited in 1970.

Donovan is multi-talented. This song is about how he was tripping while hanging out w/Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. The guitar player here is Jimmy Page. The bass player is John Paul Jones. Donovan also played w/The Jeff Beck Group. He is the other voice on Alice Cooper’s “Million Dollar Babies.” He did great folk, folk-rock, rock, blues, jazz, and even classical. He also had a great literature background, and his lyrics were very poetic.

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