Posted: August 27, 2021 in MUSIC

Earlier this year, Annie Blackman made her Father/Daughter Records debut with a trio of songs that were pretty and swirling and immersive. Today, she’s back with another new single, “Glitch,” that’s much more pithy and direct. It’s one of those songs where the words start tumbling out and don’t stop and Blackman has a lot of funny and cutting observations about the world and our place in it, inspired by a documentary about simulation theory. The opening lines will give you a taste of what to expect: “Tell the doctor I don’t smoke but that’s not exactly true/ I like to light the camel ones, but just because I think the camel’s cute.” There’s also a swelling chorus but the song really sparks when it feels like Blackman is speaking straight at you.

The New Jersey singer-songwriter Annie Blackman has released their new single “Glitch”.

The track, which can be heard below, is part of the singer’s single series with Father/Daughter Records. Blackman said this about the new tune: “I wrote this song the morning after watching a documentary about simulation theory. Despite it sending me into a bit of an existential tailspin, I thought there was something so funny about the whole thing. The idea of my banal little life as a video game being played by an alien at once puts everything and absolutely nothing into perspective. I wanted to sing about that in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way.”

Released August 26th, 2021

Written by Annie Blackman

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