SCRUFFPUPPIE – ” Assignment Song “

Posted: August 25, 2021 in MUSIC
scruffpuppie artist 2021

Of the many transformative moments that made JJ Shurbet realise that a whirlwind of touring life, addiction, and the pressures of internet stardom had been sucking her under, one particular therapy session stands out. “They didn’t allow us to bring instruments to rehab,” says the 20-year-old artist otherwise known as Scruffpuppie. “But within two weeks of being there, I found out that one of the counsellors had their own guitar – and I would beg him to bring it out so that I could play for everybody. I just wanted to be able to feel music again.”

As Shurbet relays this story they are about as far away from the memory as they could be. Calling from her bedroom in LA – where she moved from Wisconsin with the intention of feeling “more settled and free” after leaving treatment in September 2020 – she is bright-eyed and enthused when discussing her forthcoming project, set to be released via Phoebe Bridgers Saddest Factory label (where they will join the likes of artists Claud and Muna in January 2022.

Mired in relief and wonder, the new music charts Shurbet’s recovery from years of consistent drug abuse as they toggle between plucky emo stylings and hyper-pop with a deft hand. Even though she first arrived as an unpredictable, DIY-minded talent on YouTube as a covers artist before releasing 2018 Bandcamp collection ‘Zombie Boy’ and its follow-up ‘Never Coming Home’ the year after, it’s here where Shurbet sounds truly invigorated, particularly on lead single ‘Assignment Song’: “I’ll see you all another day/When we are cured and clean again”, she sings during over scratchy riffs its cloud-parting chorus.

“JJ’s writing is both referential of all the emo music I love, and yet, entirely new. I recognise the world I know in it,” Bridgers says. “It’s like she’s filtering everything through raw emotion, throwing some distortion on it all, and handing it back to us so we can feel something for a second.”

scruffpuppie/aka. JJ Shurbet, is a bedroom indie artist based out of of Appleton, Wisconsin

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