ST VINCENT – ” Nowhere Inn “

Posted: August 17, 2021 in MUSIC
Photo: Zackery Michael

The new visual from Annie Clark features three bedazzled but lackadaisical dancers, a flasher, and Demi Adejuyigbe. Just last week, we got a look at a new project from Annie Clark with the trailer for “Nowhere Inn”, a rock-mockumentary about her life and music as St Vincent with the help of Carrie Brownstein. Today, we get another video, one from the album St. Vincent released a couple months ago called “Daddy’s Home” that’s indebted to the dirt-smudged sparkle of the ’70s. She has shared the video for the title track, which is charmingly bizarre.

As on the recent ‘Down and Out Downtown’ full length concert special streamed globally by Moment House, Daddy’s Home material will be brought to life alongside staples spanning the St. Vincent catalogue on her hotly anticipated U.S. tour.

St. Vincent will do some time on the road beginning September 

St. Vincent adds a slow flatbed ride to her breakneck paced fall schedule with the new video for “Daddy’s Home.”

The video features the musician preforming solo on a giant truck that parades her around in a square spanning four blocks. There’s also a trio of bedazzled, lackadaisical dancers. Then, a man in a khaki trench coat comes out and flashes St. Vincent while she’s performing. She screams, but it’s unclear if it’s because of the indecent shock or rock ‘n’ roll catharsis. Oh, I almost forgot the best part: comedian Demi Adejuyigbe makes an appearance a couple times reading comics in an office chair outside (no desk). He appears annoyed as St. Vincent makes her second lap. At the end, she waves to no one.

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