The BOOTLEGS – Trade Mark of Quality

Posted: August 16, 2021 in MUSIC

In that summer of ’69 two longhaired music freaks created an underground LP record album of unreleased tracks by one of their music gods.  Who were these fellow travellers? Carl? The Greek? Merlin? Hans? Rob Snout? Casper? Sheldon? The Blue Hasslebeast? Ol’ Fred? (Not to mention, The Brooklyn Boys, The Record Suits and The Feds!) What was the connection between Trade Mark of Quality, and the Viet Nam war, revolutionaries, guns, pot and the moon landing?.

A new book, “A Pig’s Tale”, co-written by Ralph Sutherland and Harold Sherrick, tells the story of Trade Mark of Quality, the first bootleg record label of its kind, spawning many later imitators. The 336-page book arrives September. 10th, 2021, by Genius Book Publishing.

According to a press release, “In that hot summer of ’69 two longhaired music freaks created an underground LP record album of unreleased tracks by one of their music gods and put it out on the streets of Los Angeles. No one had ever been crazy enough to do such an audacious thing before. The god’s official record label was not amused but the music fans were thrilled. Were these guys pirates or heroes? It was so much fun the first time, they soon pressed up even more records of forbidden musical fruit. They were on a roll. The following year, in 1970, one of the culprits put The Pig image in a circular logo with the name, Trade Mark of Quality. TMQ and Pigman were born!”

Sutherland and Sherrick, friends of the Pigman during the TMQ era, have now come together to tell the complete, never-before-told story of Trade Mark of Quality. Says the announcement, “Visiting the Pigman in Canada , Sutherland and Sherrick have held the master tapes in their hands and gazed upon the first copy of the first pressing of the first bootleg, “Great White Wonder“. They have sifted through the myth and misinformation about TMQ, and interviewed the Pigman himself about the multitude of albums. Through their extensive worldwide contacts, Sutherland and Sherrick have compiled every known piece of data on the discography of TMQ, enough to discern, in detail, a true TMQ bootleg from one of its inevitable and many copycats.”

A Pig’s Tale”, the press release continues, “goes beyond the story of TMQ and Pigman. The authors have compiled the complete discography of every TMQ album, including dates, artists, tracks, venues, and methods of identification. The very existence of “A Pig’s Tale” is going to thrill owners of genuine TMQ bootlegs and crush others who possess the imitations.”

Included in A Pig’s Tale is not only the Trade Mark of Quality and Pigman saga, but reproductions of all the rubber stamped and illustrated album jackets from every genuine TMQ record release, including the earliest releases from ’69 right up to the last titles in 1976. Everything you ever wanted to know about the real TMQ label is here: A complete discography of artists and track listings, sources of recordings, catalogue numbers, master tape and record matrix info, coloured vinyl pressings, record labels, graphics, photos, vintage news clippings, articles and more, all collected together, at last, in one volume.

Steven Booth, publisher at Genius Books, said, “This book is going to blow the roof off the underground vinyl community. Where else can you read about music, true crime, history, Bob Dylan the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, record manufacturing, and pigs?”

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