ALEXALONE – ” Alexaloneworld “

Posted: August 15, 2021 in MUSIC
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After years of experience playing in bands like Hovvdy and Lomelda, Alexalone front-person Alex Peterson utilizes their creative resources on the band’s Polyvinyl debut “Alexaloneworld”. Featuring songs carefully crafted over a period of almost a decade, the result of this labour is a lush, dynamic display of the artist’s curious and addicting style.

The sounds of alexalone will usher you into warm, fuzzy, lonely spaces, then shock you alive with pulsing energy. But, alexalone’s first full length album, ALEXALONEWORLD, isn’t merely about the sound, it is an exercise in world building, and a portrait of the artist cradling and nurturing their emotions as they create, navigating labyrinths of pain as they search for exits, and hoping for a haven where they can survey the damage and regroup.

Appropriately, alexalone’s first full-length record emerges at the moment we’ve learned to live with the pain of isolation while also clinging to shimmers of hope for an ending. ALEXALONEWORLD’s gravitational centre is Alex Peterson’s (they/them) musical vision and authorial voice, the wayfarer through a forest of moods. And, having begot a world of solitude, Peterson then tore open a wormhole through which other artists, musicians, and friends might enter, plumbing the dark corridors and secret rooms.

Feeling at times like classic shoegaze and other times like the noisy, controlled chaos of artists like Sonic Youth, each style is met with thoughtful lyrics and vibrant arrangements. The densely packed opener “Electric Sickness” is a successful nod to 80s goth trends, and the expansive, slow building “Let It Go” is a textural delight with unique percussion and a colourful, cathartic conclusion. With introspective and melancholy lyrics,  Alexalone  breathes with personality – a touch that justifies the long wait. 

While the recording for this album began in late 2019, the inchoate rumblings deep below the surface of this record began much earlier within Peterson whose passion for music began stirring around the same time as their awareness of the ways difference can lead to pain. Among other things, this album is an adventure tale whose protagonist from an insular world of crushing emotion, travels through internal and external territories, and ultimately finds themselves among ruins which offer recovery and reconciliation.

The album is fuelled by Peterson’s passion for making music and their personal experiences facing systems of oppression. Peterson found inspiration in the worlds built by Tolkien, Murakami, absurdist graphic novelist Inio Asano, and Zelda video game designers, among other artists who manage to envision worlds where agony merges with playfulness as characters traverse metaphysical spaces. Musically, they draw inspiration from Low, Boris and Yo La Tengo, among other bands who tease out paradox through sound, and who continually seek new creative terrain. alexalone isn’t afraid of descending into dark painful places, but they are also always up for play. Like the best existentialists, they imagine Sisyphus happy.

“Eavesdropper” is taken from alexalone​’s debut full-length, “ALEXALONEWORLD“, out August 13th, 2021.

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