GRACE VONDERKUHN – ” Pleasure Pain “

Posted: August 12, 2021 in MUSIC

Grace Vonderkuhn is the full band project of songwriter Grace Koon. Koon performs a hectic brand of grungy alternative rock with flecks of psych, garage and punk.

Grace Vonderkuhn, who releases their second LP via Sheer Luck Records this Friday. “Pleasure Pain” is the same noisy, punk-rock Grace Vonderkuhn sound we love, but with even more to offer than before. 

Delaware singer / songwriter Grace Koon attributes the growth in her music to her own personal growth, as well as the recording team at Headrooms Studios and the band’s recent signing with Sheer Luck Records, a Philly label focused on “elevating marginalized voices.” With a new team of engineers and management, Grace was ready to share her next evolution with the world. Enter, COVID-19. After over a year of sitting on the completed record, the timing is finally right to release. Fortunately, no relevancy was lost in delaying the release–a sign of a timeless album.

Let it also be known that however much you enjoy Grace Vonderkuhn’s recordings, their live performance will transcend that. I’m really glad to be working with them. We were on Egghunt Records for the first album, and now, working with Sheer Luck, has been amazing. They are just very supportive and I feel like they got my back. And I love that it’s run by women.

Grace Koon – Guitar, Vocals
Dave McGrory – Drums, Vocals
Brian Bartling – Bass

Sheer Luck Records

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