BEACH RIOT – ” Wraith “

Posted: August 11, 2021 in MUSIC
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The soaring new single from Beach Riot is all about watching hopelessly as life fades away through a shit relationship. But we’re kinda feeling it as a much-needed mid-summer wake-up call to shake off the sweaty season doldrums and snap back into reality. As this shitbag summer continues to slowly trudge along through sandy halls of confusion and calm chaos, we need this kind of jolt to our senses.

Luckily, the English fuzz-pop quartet straight out of Brighton are happy to oblige, as today’s (August 10) “Wraith” is a searing track that takes hold within seconds. The guitar-rock ripper will be featured on Beach Riot’s forthcoming debut album, “Subatomic Party Cool”, due out via Alcopop Records September 17th. 

Jonny [Ross] hits the hi-hats so fast on this one that his hands are actually playing five seconds in the future compared to the rest of his body,” the band says. “Also it’s a song about your life force being slowly drained away in a fading relationship and there’s nothing you can do about it but watch and brace yourself.”

From the Debut album ‘Subatomic Party Cool’ out September 17th on Alcopop! Records

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