BRIAN WILSON – ” Desert Drive ” Outakes and Demo’s

Posted: July 24, 2021 in MUSIC

In 1964, when the Beach Boys were at their commercial peak, band mastermind Brian Wilson suffered a nervous breakdown on an airplane while heading to a gig. Soon after, Wilson told his bandmates that he wanted to quit touring entirely and focus full-time on producing the group’s layered, masterful, mind-blowing pop records. A lot of incredible music came out of that decision. In the decades after that, Wilson suffered all sorts of mental health calamities, so it’s strange and wonderful to see the 79-year-old Wilson eager to return to the road. Wilson has been steadily touring, mostly on his own, for a long time now. In 2019, Wilson postponed a tour to focus on his mental health. Then, two weeks later, he told the world that he was feeling better, and he went right back to playing shows.

Brian Wilson has revealed a North American fall tour, while dropping demos, rarities, and outtakes on his new website.

On the Brian Wilson’s site, you can click through the different periods of his life and find photos, outtakes, and audio clips of Wilson talking about his own music. Click on “1966,” for instance, and you can hear the vocal insert overdubs for the Pet Sounds song “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder),” or you can hear Wilson discussing “Good Vibrations” in depth. On YouTube, Wilson’s team has also shared a 1995 instrumental demo of “Desert Drive,” a song that appeared on his 2004 solo album “Gettin’ In Over My Head“.

Wilson’s new site contains a timeline feature organized by decades spanning from his birth in 1942 to the present. He previewed the launch with a 1995 demo of “Desert Drive,” which appeared on 2004’s Gettin’ in Over My Head. Other demos from the era, written with Andy Paley, are also available — including the unreleased “I’m Broke.”

The Eighties features obscure demos, like “Let’s Go to Heaven in My Car” from the 1987 film Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, while the Seventies includes demos from The Beach Boys album “Love You”. The Sixties is divided into three separate pages, with one devoted to 1966’s Pet Sounds.

“Thanks for visiting my new website,” the homepage reads. “We decided to put up some cool demos, outtakes, and live tracks you haven’t heard before. I hope you dig listening to them as much as we did making them. Stay safe and we’ll see you on tour soon!”

The Beach Boys will release the box set “Feel Flows — The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969–1971”

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