The DAYDREAM CLUB – ” You’ve Got It Wrong “

Posted: July 23, 2021 in MUSIC

“You’ve Got It Wrong” is the second in a series of singles leading up to an album release on 24th September 2021 titled All Our Born Days. This song is the polar opposite of the positive vibes from Ocean & the Moon. Written several years ago after The Daydream Club experienced front line displays of toxic human behaviour and it left them feeling vulnerable and enraged. Being level headed people they decided to move past it and shelved the song but over the years to follow it seemed relevant to so many events occurring around the world and so it was time to release it. The music features an air of restrained power and tension with bursts of mass harmonies, trembling high tones and a steady electric guitar laying down the anchor.

During the recent trying times for everyone around the world, one positive that comes out of the chaos is the spotlight it shines on the people you care about and who you couldn’t imagine living without. The duo wrote the heartwarming song ‘Ocean & the Moon’ as an open love letter to each other, “You were meant to be my home, Like a force that can’t be known, Like the ocean & the moon, I’m connected to you.” The sound blends dream-like ambient atmospherics with a summery groove and lush harmonies throughout.

All Our Born Days is the seventh album release from The Daydream Club in 11 years. Made a decade after forming, All Our Born Days draws upon the lifespan of the band to date. Having formed in 2010 a lot has happened in global and personal events. Lyrically Adam & Paula explore what they have witnessed and experienced, the good and the bad. Musically it’s a culmination of all of the duos sounds over the years coming together in one album, combining influences from alternative, ambient, electronic, folk, classical crossover, soul, dub and trip-hop.

As with all of The Daydream Club’s releases they have personally created every aspect of the album from writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering to the artwork, photos and music videos… there’s no big team between audience and artist, just two people creating art.

Released July 23rd, 2021

All songs written & performed by The Daydream Club, Adam Pickering – Vocals, Rhodes, Electric Guitar, Synth, Bass Guitar, Programming, Drums Paula Pickering – Vocals

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