JESSE MALIN – ” Sad and Beautiful World “

Posted: July 15, 2021 in MUSIC


Jesse Malin has a new album coming September 27th via Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records, and the first single is the Stonesy “The Way We Used to Roll,” which was co-produced by Lucinda Williams. “There’s something about the sleazy pulse and creepy progression that brought to mind the low-level criminal braggart characters, a nod to some of the folks that we grew up around in Little Italy and the Lower East Side of New York City,” Jesse said.

Since the release of his 2019 album “Sunset Kids”Jesse Malin has been on a prolific song writing creative streak, one that only increased during the pandemic with his popular you-are-there livestreams and the release of one-off singles like “Todd Youth”.

The new song is a “celebration of life and its tribal rituals that have always been connected to music,” says the New York songwriter

Jesse Malin will release a new double album, “Sad and Beautiful World”, on September 24th. “This one is for the survivors, the dreamers, the leavers and the believers,” says Jesse. “My music has always been about rebirth and redemption. Sad and Beautiful World is for those who pick up the pieces and find beauty in the madness.”

The album is divided into two themed discs: “Root Rock” is mostly “sad eyed ballads” while “Radicals” is a little louder, but the whole thing was influenced by the last year. “The sirens, the protests, riots and the darkness outside my doorstep definitely made its way in these songs,” adds Malin. “Everything rose to a boiling point, and we found a way to get through it.”

The album includes “The Way We Used To Roll” and his cover of the Tom Petty song “Crawling back To You” and the new single is “State of the Art.”

The album is the follow up to 2019’s Sunset Kids, Malin’s well received long-player produced by Lucinda Williams and Tom Overby.

Jesse and his band will be touring throughout 2021, including nine UK dates, commencing at Glasgow’s King’s Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on Monday September 27th and including London’s Garage on Friday, October 8th.

Sad and Beautiful World takes its title from a line of dialogue in Jim Jarmusch’s 1986 cult-classic film Down By Law. A lyric in the song “Almost Criminal” gives the double record its theme: Roots Rock Radicals, Malin’s take on a phrase from the intersection of punk and reggae back in the day.

The “Roots Rock” side leans to the sad-eyed ballads, while its companion, the “Radicals” side, roughs things up a bit. But not everything is as black and white as the movies. All of Sad and Beautiful World is both tough and tender, laced through with vividly drawn characters striving against circumstance and a raw emotional tenor. The 17 songs served up here will break your heart, move your hips, and keep the lights shining.

Billie Joe Armstrong once said “New York City is the centre of the universe, and there is no New York City without Jesse Malin.” Malin remained in his shuttered city and made a record. He eventually overcame the anxiety, fear and loneliness by writing. “The sirens, the protests, riots and the darkness outside my doorstep definitely made its way in these songs,” adds Malin. “Everything rose to a boiling point, and we found a way to get through it.”

Jesse sets the scene of his beloved hometown with the autobiographical “Backstabbers,” a coming-of-age tune about navigating through the city lights. Recorded in 2019, the slinky strut of “The Way We Used To Roll” now has an extra layer of meaning. Both songs were produced by Lucinda Williams, who also sings backup on “Backstabbers,” and her partner, Tom Overby. The majority of Sad and Beautiful World was produced by Malin’s long-time guitarist Derek Cruz and Geoff Sanoff.

“Crawling Back To You” Written by Tom Petty

Jesse Malin Under Exclusive License To Wicked Cool Records Released on: 2021-07-12

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