GEORGIA PARKER – ” I Think I Know ” EP

Posted: July 14, 2021 in MUSIC
I Think I Know - Georgia Parker

An intimate and vulnerable serenade of sweet, stirring indie folk, Georgia Parker’s new EP ‘I Think I Know’ is a wondrous and radiant upheaval. An intimate and vulnerable serenade of sweet, stirring indie folk, singer/songwriter Georgia Parker’s new EP is a wondrous and radiant upheaval. A deep outpouring from the heart, “I Think I Know” comes to life with visceral emotion and soft, gently stunning sentiments. It’s a beautiful eruption of passion and purpose, love, loss, hope, and connection that brings us closer to the artist than ever before.

Wondered what you were thinking
When you asked me how I’d been
and your dad was watching
Small talk in the fishmonger shop
But it’s been ten years now since I forgot about that

Anna I think I know
Where I wanna go
Somewhere with you down by the coast
Cause Anna I think I know
Yeah I know

Georgia Parker’s new EP I Think I Know, independently out this Friday, July 16th, 2021. The artist’s third EP (following 2019’s “Too Far Gone” and 2020’s “Coated Blue”) finds the Kent, based twenty-something exploring the emotional ins and outs of our shared human condition addressing, as she describes, “the complexity of human relationships and the effects that those relationships have on our personal growth and identity.” Reminiscent of indie folk artists like Adrianne Lenker, Adam Melchor, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers, “I Think I Know” resonates with poignant, moving melodies, tender harmonies, and Parker’s beautiful vocal serenades.

The first song that I wrote for this record was ‘Caroline,’” Parker tells us. “My intention with this song was to tell a story of the ending and escape of a troubled relationship. A personal account, I loved writing a detailed and intricate narrative of how I was feeling around the relationship I had with this person; it felt personal and yet freeing. I have always used writing as an outlet for personal experiences and relationships, and so I used that as a jumping off ground for this project. Each song on this record uses one person as its inspiration. It begins with the memory and questioning of a bond I had as a child (Anna), leaning into more specific realities while dating men as a young woman (‘Garden Pics’).

The record continues with ‘Caroline’ and ‘I hate you but you turn me on’ which declares a couple of the more personal and heart wrenching connections I have endured with others, before ending with ‘My Inertia’ and ‘miomo’ which tie in and end the record with an exploration of the relationship I have with myself.”

“These songs were all personal accounts, and I wanted it to feel so,” she adds. “Each song was intended to feel poetic, grand and all in all tell a story that felt relatable or at least suggest sentiment. The recording and production of this record began right as the world went into isolation and so every song and instrument was recorded remotely.”

Parker rises and falls with effortless ease through seven songs that bear her soul. She chose the records title because of its suggestion of uncertainty or shyness. “For me this represents the optimistic yet gentle incline into assurance,” she says. “‘I Think I Know’ was taken from the chorus of Anna and depicts the quiet conviction in a song all about questioning.”

“I choose to believe it proves my ability as a lyricist and as a story teller. With my first self-produced single ‘miomo’ as well as tracks ‘My Inertia, ‘Caroline’ and ‘Love Is A Liar,’ I am confident that my vision as a singer-songwriter and artist has proven to be emotive and direct, as well as individual.”

Highlights abound throughout her EP, from the gorgeously stirring, show-stopping opener “Anna” through the bittersweet “Caroline” to the vibrant, breath taking self-produced finale, “miomio,” I Think I Know glows with authenticity and charm. I hope that my listeners can relate to these stories and evoke their own introspection,” Parker shares. “The main aspect I have taken away from this process is how much I love telling a story through music, and how I feel even more inspired in the projects I have started planning for after ‘I Think I Know’. I am excited for people to hear it; it is a beautiful stepping stone that I proud to be jumping from.”

for fans of Adrianne Lenker, Adam Melchor, Phoebe Bridgers

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