Tedeschi Trucks Band – ” Layla Revisited (Live At LOCKN’) “

Posted: July 12, 2021 in MUSIC

The Tedeschi Trucks Band’s “Layla Revisited (Live At LOCKN’)” is a one-off live recording of the seminal Derek & The Dominos album “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs“, performed in its entirety with special guest  Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. Recorded on August 24th, 2019 in Virginia, Layla Revisited captures Tedeschi Trucks Band at their incendiary best, with Anastasio proving the perfect foil to the transcendent musical union of guitarist Derek Trucks and guitarist/vocalist Susan Tedeschi, and frequent collaborator Doyle Bramhall II.

No one was asking for a song by song remake of Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970)It’s an album so definitive that even its originator Eric Clapton never played all of it in concert with the original band, let alone in order. 

Since Layla was initially crafted with only five players (Duane Allman famously joined Clapton’s Dominos on second lead guitar for some tunes),

The performance came as a complete surprise to fans. The artists made no mention of the set of music they diligently rehearsed and planned ahead of time. But the links between the band and the album are deeply woven into the fabric of their existence. Trucks is no stranger to the material. He was on six of the 14 tracks on Clapton’s 2007 tour, often replicating Duane Allman’s parts. And according to his liner notes, Derek was exposed to Layla’s songs at an early age by his parents. He recently also discovered it was released on his wife and co-front person Susan Tedeschi’s birthday, November 9th, 1970.  The upshot of this coincidence seems unavoidable.

Propelled by two of the 20th century’s greatest guitarists, Eric Clapton and Duane AllmanLayla and Other Assorted Love Songs was serendipitously released on November 9th,1970, the day Tedeschi was born. Later, Chris and Debbie Trucks were such fans of the album that they were inspired to name their firstborn son Derek. Decades later, Trucks would enjoy a 15-year tenure as a member of The Allman Brothers Band, and tour extensively with Clapton. Such is the depth of connection between the music and the performers that this album feels almost preordained.”

No one can match the longing and passion in Clapton’s voice as he pined for George Harrison’s wife on what was an album long love letter of sorts to her. But the always exciting Susan Tedeschi and the three other TTB singers that trade lead vocals, infuse variety and diversity, if not intensity, to these blues rock gems.

Without visuals, it’s difficult to discern which of the four guitarists are soloing. Similar to Derek & the Dominos’ lone tour, the songs are often stretched to include jamming. That lengthens the surging “Keep on Growing” (from six to twelve minutes), the mesmerizing “Anyday” featuring a tasty opening guitar dual (six to 13 minutes) and the frisky “Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad” (four to almost nine minutes) far beyond their studio predecessors.

As it stands, the approach is, perhaps not surprisingly, heavy on guitar duels and jams. When the horns appear, as on the cover of Hendrix’s “Little Wing”’s riff, it shows what could have been accomplished if someone had spent time crafting more dominant parts for them.

Regardless, the final product both pays tribute to an album that rightfully remains on the shortlist of iconic blues rock recordings and infuses fresh blood into it with these generally stirring interpretations. Trucks was clearly inspired to play with determination while not overwhelming the material with endless jamming, something even Clapton couldn’t accomplish as evidenced by live recordings of Derek & the Domino’s which prolonged some tracks past their breaking points with seemingly endless guitar solos.

The audio fidelity is stunning, especially on the vocals and guitar, and the double disc feels like an inevitable closing of the circle for Trucks, who has been influenced by the songs and performances on Layla… for his entire life.

“Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad” is from the album, “Layla Revisited (Live at Lock’n)

Tedeschi Trucks Band’s “Layla Revisited (Live At Lock’n)” , is a one-off live recording of the seminal Derek & The Dominos album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, performed in its entirety with special guest Trey Anastasio. Recorded on August 24th, 2019 at the Lock’n Festival in Arrington, VA,

TRACKLIST: 1. I Looked Away 2. Bell Bottom Blues 3. Keep On Growing 4. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out 5. I Am Yours 6. Anyday 7. Key To The Highway 8. Tell The Truth 9. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? 10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman? 11. Little Wing 12. It’s Too Late 13. Layla 14. Thorn Tree In The Garden (studio)

“Layla Revisited” captures Tedeschi Trucks Band at their incendiary best, with Anastasio proving the perfect foil to the transcendent musical union of guitarist Derek Trucks and guitarist/vocalist Susan Tedeschi, and frequent TTB collaborator Doyle Bramhall II.

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