TOO MUCH JOY – ” Mistakes Were Made “

Posted: July 11, 2021 in MUSIC

What makes this triumphant comeback from these Boston legends all the more sweeter was the realization of how Too Much Joy has served as a secret template for some of the best new power pop of the last 20 years. 

We weren’t really planning on making another record; this album only exists because 2020 sucked so goddamn much.

Too Much Joy is/was a punk-pop band of some minor renown. Some of that renown was due to their music, which included semi-hits such as “Crush Story,” “Donna Everywhere,” and “That’s a Lie” — a cover of the LL Cool J tune that featured the man himself in the music video, which actually got played quite a bit during daylight hours on MTV back when they did that sort of thing.  

Our humble hope is that, since it now exists, it can make whatever year you’re listening to it in suck a little bit less. 25 years late but more than well worth it! Too Much Joy are back with amazing album start to finish. Hooks that stick with you for days, crashing guitars and lyrics that still have the angry young wiseass of their earlier work with some old guy wisdom thrown in. Not only have they not missed a step they have put out an album that shows maturity without losing any of the loud fast power pop of the old days!

Jay Blumenfield: guitar, vocals, zoloft
Tim Quirk: vocals, edibles
Sandy Smallens: bass, vocals, guitar, ardbeg
Tommy Vinton: drums, vodka, cranberry
William Wittman: bass, guitar, keys, vocals, yamazaki 18

Guest vocals on “Uncle Watson Wants to Think” by Joan Osborne.
Joan Osborne appears courtesy of Womanly Hips Music.

Released March 19th, 2021

From the album “Mistakes Were Made“.

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