L.C.D SOUNDSYSTEM – ” The Long Goodbye ” Live At Madison Square Gardens Repress

Posted: July 8, 2021 in MUSIC

After releasing their third album, James Murphy decided to break up LCD Soundsystem and play one final show with the ethos of “If it’s a funeral, let’s have the best funeral ever.” It was their biggest and longest show of their existence — a three-and-a-half hour extravaganza at Madison Square Gardens April 2nd 2011 with an all-white (suggested) dress code and guest appearances by band members of Arcade FireReggie WattsJuan MacLean, Shit Robot, Planningtorock, and Light Asylum’s Shannon Funches. Across 28 songs, they played nearly everything you’d want to hear from them at the time.

The breakup didn’t last (LCD did get back together in 2016 and made a fourth album in 2017 but that doesn’t make this show any less great. It spawned a 2012 documentary, “Shut Up And Play The Hits” and in 2014, the whole Madison Square Gardens concert was released as a limited edition 5-LP live album box set, entitled “The Long Goodbye“, with the audio mixed by James Murphy at DFA Studios to 1/4″ analogue tape specifically for vinyl.  Out of print pretty much since its original release, The Long Goodbye is now getting a new vinyl repress in celebration of the Concerts 10th Anniversary.

James Murphy notes that this identical to the original, though there’s now also a 3-CD version. “basically, same shit. these were going for too much on the secondary market, so the brain trust over at DFA (of which i, james, am a humble member) made more. get ’em while they’re old as dirt and in stock. don’t ask me why there’s a CD version. i just work here.”

The Long Goodbye repress will be out August 6th via DFA

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