GULLY BOYS – ” Russian Doll “

Posted: July 5, 2021 in MUSIC

Minneapolis-based trio Gully Boys, made up of Kathy Callahan (guitar, vocals), Natalie Klemond (bass, vocals) and Nadirah McGill (drums, vocals), shared a ripper on Tuesday to mark their signing to Get Better Records. The band’s stated influences (No Doubt, Hole) shine through on “Russian Doll,” a grungy, relentlessly melodic rock track with a complicated sentiment at its core: “There’s no one coming to make things right.” The trio repeat this declaration in unison, counterbalanced by subtle synth touches, their chants and crashing guitars growing more raucous as the track builds to its explosive conclusion. But don’t let that killer hook distract you from the depth of Gully Boys’ song writing: Depending on your perspective, that refrain can indicate either resignation or empowerment—either “we’re screwed” or “we can do this.”

Take a guess which way Gully Boys are going.

Released June 29th, 2021

Produced and mixed by Jake Luppen, mastered by Caleb Hinz, written by Gully Boys

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