The LORDS of ALTAMONT – ” Save Me From Myself “

Posted: July 4, 2021 in MUSIC
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“This seventh chapter of The Lords of Altamont’s body of work strikes with an unapologetic conviction built up from 22 years of soul seasoning and nonstop rock action, fine tuning their iconic fuel injected sound. Tune In, Turn On, Electrify! takes a ride through the mental landscape of these four musicians: thrusting raw, aggressive garage punk in your face, then flips the script inviting you on elaborate psychedelic trips. Get kicked in the teeth with We’ll Never Leave (This World Alive), fight the demons in your head with Mud, then come down easy with Soul In Flames.

Formed in 1999, The Lords of Altamont, having gone through multiple line ups over the years, retain loyalty to their garage punk roots while evolving into heavier grooves. Never compromising that unmistakable Lords attitude, DaniRob and Barry having earned their colours tenfold, bring a gritty collective of experience and talent to join Jake on this journey of no-nonsense auditory exploits.”

1st video from the album MIDNIGHT TO 666 by The Lords of Altamont. Released on Fargo Records (CD/Vinyl). The 2nd video from the album for the song “Soul for Sale” can be found here

A Note about the filming of this Video…

“Save Me (From Myself)” was filmed over the course of one day (about 7 hours) in a warehouse in Hollywood literally a stones throw away from the Capitol Records Building. Everything you see in the video was done “In Camera”… there was no Post Production FX added whatsoever. All of the Psychedelic Lighting Effects were performed “Live” by Sherry Lee and Blues Williams while we filmed the band playing back to their tune.
Sherry used an “old school” Overhead Projector and a couple of clock faces filled with water, mineral oil and candy dyes to achieve the liquid light/psychedelic/Fillmore Era effects. Blues used an Opaque Projector with an assortment of transparencies that we designed a few days before the shoot. A Video Projector and a couple of strobes that the band brought were also used, but other than that there were no other lights.
We filmed the band playing together and then separately to get all of the shots. Moana Santana and Julie Faravel were filmed last, Go-Go Dancing in front of The Lords of Altamont’s Tour Film.

The Lords of Altamont are:
Jake Cavaliere – Vox/Organ
John Saletra – Guitar
Shawn Medina – Bass
Harry Drumdini – Drums
Moana Santana – Dancer
Julie Faravel – Dancer


Some Wackiness…

Between each take we had to clean the clock faces and change out the oils as they would get unusable pretty fast. About halfway through the shoot, Sherry tried to clean inside the Overhead Projector and ended up cracking the Lens. If you pay attention to the wall behind the band you can see that crack every once in a while.

The Gretsch Guitars that Shawn and John use in the video were borrowed from True Tone Music in Santa Monica, CA. Just to be on the safe side, the fellas lined the back of the guitars with felt so as not to scratch them up.

We spent about $150 on making this video – $75 for the Overhead Projector (found on Craigslist) and another $75 for all of the Oils and whatnot.

We filmed the video on our Panasonic HVX-200a P2 Camcorder w/ SG Blade 35mm Lens Adapter (Canon lens). We edited the video in Avid Media Composer.

Pretty basic but it turned out pretty cool.

– D Lane (3/9/12)

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