IZZY TRUE – ” Our Beautiful Baby World “

Posted: July 4, 2021 in MUSIC

Izzy True have returned with their latest album, “Our Beautiful Baby World”, out now via Don Giovanni Records. The follow-up to 2018’s Sad Bad was preceded by the singles ‘New Fruit’, ‘You’re Mad at Me’, and ‘Big Natural’. “I ended up choosing the title Our Beautiful Baby World this year as a kind of prayer,” said guitarist/vocalist Izzy Reidy in a statement. “When I get very sad about the world, I find comfort in zooming out to the macro, universal level. On that scale, humanity is so young, so small, still learning, and full of possibility. When I think of it that way, I feel so tenderly towards humanity.

Izzy True, the band, has had a different line up every year, but Izzy Lou Reidy is the mainstay. Throughout their albums’ changing sounds, Izzy’s voice is the steady thread that holds it together, rugged at a track’s crescendo and remarkably soft during crooning interludes, With a sound described as somewhere between Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker and the Silver Jews David Berman.” Izzy is quick to attribute the band’s sound to its ever-shifting makeup: “I try to keep it collaborative. I bring a skeleton of the song and everybody slaps meat on there.” But it is Izzy’s earnest voice that strings the band’s diverse sounds together, encompassing muted indie rock, the classic country melodies Izzy grew up with in upstate New York, and a fun DIY sensibility.

Izzy is the band’s lead singer and composer, journaling lyrics first and reaching for instrumentation second over their last two albums. They describe their creative process through metaphor. “I’m just sitting by the river with a fishing pole,” Izzy says, “dicking around on a guitar.” When they catch an idea, they play it until it takes shape. But words are always the beginning: “I start songs with a sentence in my head. I get the lyrics before anything else.” The emphasis on lyrics explains the imaginative, quippy poetry throughout Izzy True’s albums. The band has given us such iconic lines as “I’m finally ready for total body erasure” and notable characters like Mr. Romance and Sex Ghost.

With lyrics down, Izzy will take the skeleton of a song into the studio to build it out. On “Our Beautiful Baby World” Izzy True’s third full-length album, out this week via Don Giovanni Records. The band include’s friends Sam Goldstein on drums, and Curtis Oren on bass, saxophone, and flute. Goldstein’s and Oren’s influence elevated the composition from pared-down guitar music and slacker rock towards something louder, with stronger punk influences and fuller instrumentation. This evolution of sound is best heard on “Gold Chain,” which culminates in a crescendo of saxophone and Izzy’s quiet falsetto, departing from anything they’ve ever done before.

Our Beautiful Baby World” was written and composed during 2018 and 2019 in the band’s home base of Chicago, then recorded in February 2020 — right at the precipice of a brand new world. Izzy jokes that some songs felt bizarrely predictive, like in “A Thousand Years” where they confess, through breathy resignation, “I don’t wanna feel pain, I don’t wanna shed tears/ I don’t wanna hang out for a thousand years.” .

Izzy True songs tend to balance a tender verse and a heavier, fuller chorus, simple melodies coming together to unravel in an avalanche of guitar. In “New Fruit,” the new album’s lead single, Izzy sings about the world-altering experience of trying a new fruit. Building on steady riffs, careening guitar melodies and escalating drums, each moment of relief is punctuated by Izzy’s sweet voice, confessing earnestly, “There’s new fruit / I’ve never had before.” Like a rollercoaster, the band builds tension to let it go. Everything is full of wonder, peeling the layers on the mundane to see something more beautiful.

Izzy has fine arts training from the Art Institute Of Chicago, and illustration has long been as much a part of the Izzy True extended universe as song writing. They channel their boundless imagination into both the audio and visual realms the weirder, the better, as a means of emotional catharsis and introspection. Izzy describes themself as a vessel: “There’s like someone else who lives in my brain who writes for me, and I’m just a printer, just a little demon printer. There’s a demon in hell photocopying pictures of his ass, I write that, and now I have a poem.”

Between Izzy’s uncertain conversational rhythm and their self-assured singing is the dissonance they’ve alluded to in every part of their creative process. There is Izzy breathily singing the verse and Izzy shredding on their electric guitar. There is Izzy speaking with you, endearingly uncertain, acquiescently pulling the words out from their head to meet my questions — and then there’s Izzy, the demon printer, shouting into the mic with all the conviction of their imaginary characters. Between them, there is the portal of language. “Words are magic,” they say — so is Izzy True.

Our Beautiful Baby World is out 7/2 on Don Giovanni

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