Half Waif – ” Swimmer “

Posted: July 4, 2021 in MUSIC
May be an image of outdoors, tree and text that says 'mythopoetics pre-order now outjuly 9 onanti-'

My new album Mythopoetics is out July 9 on Anti Records , I have always loved myths. We mythologize our lives all the time – sometimes we find solace in those stories & sometimes we are bound by them. This album was a way for me to take a look at the patterns that have been handed down to me through my family & through society, the stories I have been telling & have been told, & see how I could transform that into something of my own – a source of power & of healing.

The evocative and existential project of Nandi Rose, aka New York-based artist Half Waif, has never shied away from deep emotional territory, often exploring anguish and catharsis through intricate synth-pop compositions. Mythopoetics, featuring spellbinding single, “Orange Blossoms” and composed in part with multi-instrumentalist and frequent collaborator Zubin Hensler, explores the beauty of self-transformation while on the path towards healing. Creating a diverse sonic universe, Rose describes Mythopoetics as “the album I’ve been trying to make for 10 years.” 

“Swimmer” by Half Waif​ from the album ‘Mythopoetics’, available July 9th

Arranged, produced, and performed by Zubin Hensler & me

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