SISTER – ” Something / Nothing ” EP

Posted: July 2, 2021 in MUSIC

Brooklyn based band, Sister comprised of the duo Hannah Pruzinsky and Ceci Sturman, alongside a newly recruited guitarist James Chrisman. Ceci and Hannah met while they were college roommates at St. John’s University in Queens, and bonded over a shared love poetry, M83 and the band Beach House. They’re still living together seven years later, it wasn’t until their final year of college that they, almost by accident, started making music together, when Ceci asked Hannah to sing on a song she was composing for a course assignment. At the start of the year, Sister descended on Greenpoint Recording Collective studio, and put down the tracks that would become their upcoming EP, “Something / Nothing”, which they previewed this week with a new single “Hideaway”.

From minimal beginnings Hideaway is the place where you can truly escape, where those moments of uncertainty are swapped out for a soft, flowing and steady motion where everything feels easy. It’s a track that seems to slowly swell, the ethereal vocals becoming engulfed by an ever building base of expansive guitars and distant percussion, the track start’s and begins gently with acoustic guitar before spinning into a more immediate feeling, the tempo rises and as more elements chime in they create something that becomes truly shimmering.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track Hannah has spoken of Hideaway as, “that secret place where you can be without a guise, without fear, you can never reveal too much“.

A song that seems to search for intimacy and the accompanying sense of safety that brings, Hideaway is Sister’s finest musical statement to date and one that hints that their upcoming EP is a record you won’t want to miss.

Something / Nothing” is out September 10th via AWAL Recordings.

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