MARGOT – ” Fame “

Posted: July 2, 2021 in MUSIC

Having all lived in London for most of their lives, the band are now just a ‘stone’s throw’ from each other, with daily walks to maintain contact and the occasional shout from a balcony. The friendships dating back to college led to open conversations about playing together, and when the drummer leaving Alex’s previous band timed well with the group moving nearer to each other, Margot was formed. ‘We kind of talked about playing together. Rob and I had done some stuff together so it kinda made sense’, explained Alex. ‘I especially admired Alex’s songwriting, the way he was writing lyrics and singing in his band… so I thought that would have been fun to work with him’, Ben added. The quiet respect that they have for each other and their craft was evident throughout our conversation as they gently jibed each other with affectionate, dry humour and sarcasm.

Pulling influence for their name from the Basque word, Margotzeko, meaning paint, I wondered if any of the band were painters, but apparently not – this question provoked an ‘oh god’ from Alex. ‘Basicially [the rest of the band] wanted to call us ‘Paint’, which is like the worst fucking name ever in the world’ he laughed. ‘So I was quickly like, god we’ve gotta find something else. I was looking up paint in lots of different languages and came across Basque’. Following the suggestion of Rob’s twin brother, Nick, the band later shortened it to Margot, instead saving Margotzeko for their debut EP, released in February 2020 on Full Time Hobby. They laughed at the fact that Margot Robbie now features heavily in any google search for the band.

With all of the band members taking influence from various genres of music, the ‘music that [they] bonded around was American indie bands, like Real Estate, and Gear Hunter. 

Fame” started a while ago when I (Alex) used to work in TV, and it’s gone through quite a few iterations. It’s about the culture that surrounds reality TV. The focus is on the superficial and illusion. It’s pretty horrid. It portrays a misleading representation of reality that appears to have both adverse effects on the reality tv stars and those who follow them. It’s fickle, enticing and dangerous for young people, and I personally don’t think it’s something to aspire to, so I wrote Fame.

Released June 22nd, 2021
Written by Rob Fenner, Albi Cleghorn, Alex Hannaway, Michael Webb and Ben Andrewes

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