JESCA HOOP – ” The Deconstruction of Jack’s House ” Record Store Day 2021

Posted: June 30, 2021 in MUSIC

In building on a theme we have made a live stripped back version of my 3rd studio album “The House That Jack Built“. The result, The Deconstruction of Jack’s House will be released on white vinyl for Record Store Day on 17th July (UK Only, but it will be available online subsequently). ahead of that, I thought I’d share one the saddest tunes of the bunch. I hope it makes you sad. Shout out to my friend Tom Lloyd Goodwin who accompanied me on guitar. 

Jesca Hoop has a tradition of reimagining and rerecording her own albums and having previously created beautifully stark versions of her albums “Kismet” and “Hunting my Dress” it is the turn of “The House That Jack Built”. Recorded in her Manchester based home-built studio in December 2020, these intimate and immediate reworkings shine the spotlight on Hoops intricate, complex song writing with her astonishing vocals front and centre.

In celebration of the Record Store Day release we are going to live stream a performance of The Deconstruction in Jacks House on 17th July at 20:30 BST  from a shed in my garden. Chloe Foy, Rachel Rimmer and Tom Lloyd Goodwin will join me to play the album to start to finish. 

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