ANDY BELL – ” All On You ” EP

Posted: June 29, 2021 in MUSIC
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 Andrew Bell – you’ve always been a hopeless romantic in our eyes. An exceptional songwriter and a wonderfully talented studio head (both as producer and remixer), those who don’t consider themselves avid fans (fools, basically) may not immediately recognise him as a powerhouse acoustic artist, too, but take it from us, All On You isn’t the only example of this guy doing the do unplugged.

“All On You” arrives with typically high expectations in its wake; we’ve been waiting some time for this and the contents do not disappoint. Both the original work here and the exceptional re-reading of Paris Angels’ classic pop-acid house smash hit ‘Perfume’ are incredible displays of imaginative repurposing, the latter being a particularly unique alternative version. But even Bell’s own tracks feel and sound different without the trappings of amplification. It all sounds rawer, and more honest, than many artists allow.


Releases June 11th, 2021

Written and performed by Andy Bell (Copyright Control) except track 4: written by Paris Angels

Recorded by Andy Bell

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