LIGHTNING BUG – ” A Color of the Sky “

Posted: June 27, 2021 in MUSIC

Lightning Bug is the hypnotic shoegaze project led by Brooklyn-based Audrey Kang, The greatest compliment one could give Lightning Bug’s music is that it’s restorative. Since releasing their debut album “Floaters” in 2015, the New York indie rock band has crafted gauzy, intimate songs that muse on life and love. They utilize dream pop and ambience as avenues for productive introspection, and their third album, “A Color Of The Sky”, finds them honing their craft with remarkable precision: The arrangements are more lush, their songs unfurl with a patient grandeur, and their lyrics pose both questions and possibilities about self. That lead singer and songwriter Audrey Kang finds the song writing process so natural is a testament to her ponderous nature; these songs can only be wrought from lived experience and countless hours of reflection.

One of the most alluring qualities of Lightning Bug’s music is Kang’s voice. It’s quiet and calm, but undeniably suffused with lived-in emotion. It’s rarely mixed at a level far above the instrumentation, allowing its gossamer texture to invite listeners to tune in even closer.

“The Return” opens with winding guitars and a sturdy drum beat that find a balance between meditative stillness and difficult soul-searching. It recalls the spiritual resplendence of Talk Talk’s final two records, and while that post-rock band is an admitted influence here, Lightning Bug don’t aim for emulation. In fact, their songs are built from identifying the core emotions and ideas underlying the lyrics. Kang then provides images and colours as signposts for her band members, who flesh out the material into full-fledged songs.

There’s an especially deep bond between Kang and two of Lightning Bug’s other founding members, Kevin Copeland and Logan Miley. They’ve all known each other for nearly a decade, and even lived together at one point. The band added two more members, Dane Hagen and Vincent Puleo, after signing with Fat Possum Records in 2020.

Released June 25th, 2021

Written, Performed, Recorded & Produced by Lightning Bug

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