MORLY – ” Dance to You “

Posted: June 25, 2021 in MUSIC
May be a closeup of one or more people

Morly’s creativity seems to encourage a kind of non-lingual communication. Katy Morley is poised to become a major voice in pop and soul. Morly’s newest work will definitely make you feel less alone. In fact, her songs are so intimate and personal, you might feel like she’s seated at a piano right next to you. Her three-song 12” release, “Sleeping In My Own Bed” (out now via Cascine Records, listen below) showcases the singer-songwriter’s stirring voice and gift for stark, emotive arrangements. “I guess I was more interested in classic song writing, is what it comes down to,” she says of the release. “And more organic sounds. I decided to not use [music production software] Ableton for a year and only write songs on piano and guitar. I think it actually ended up really being fruitful. It was a really good learning experience.”

Emotions are transmitted in a silent way, with her ethereal constructions emitting a zen-like sense of calm.

Debut album ‘Til I Start Speaking’ will be released on August 23rd, and it finds Morly baring her soul, laying her experiences out there for the world to see.

New single ‘Dance To You’ is an opaque alt-pop wonder, rooted in that breathy, mellifluous vocal.

Produced by long-time collaborator Christopher Stracey, it finds the Minneapolis-hailing, UK based singer finding space for a soft exhalation.

We’re able to share the video, a collaborative construction with director Lawrence Pumfrey and choreographer Katya Bourviski.

The dream-like shoot places Morly centre-stage, reacting to the room around her and the emotional environment she finds herself in.

Morly comments…

“The video was born of conversations with some very talented friends. We shot the video at the Longfield Hall community center in Camberwell—the way we shot it was very inspired by the room itself, with its peeling green paint and beautiful curved wall of windows opposite the stage. I was somewhat intimidated to join the choreography alongside such incredible professional dancers, but part of the narrative is my struggle to keep up, to find my place amongst it all, so we actually wanted to incorporate a few of my missteps.”

Despite her current focus on music, Katy thinks of herself as a painter first. She has painted all of her album artwork to date, including the Sleeping In My Own Bed cover, which depicts her brother and a friend asleep on a train. Katy painted the image when she was nineteen; it has now taken on a new life. “I didn’t really know why I did that painting back in the day,” she says. “Now I know why.”

One of Morly’s next creative goals is a full-length album. “It’s definitely in the works,” she says. It’s unclear what that album will sound like, but one thing seems clear: it will be about music first – not persona or image or facade. “That’s all it should be is just about music,” she says of her work. “It’s not about me.”

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