EILISH GILLIGAN – ” Get Well Soon “

Posted: June 25, 2021 in MUSIC

Eilish Gilligan is a songwriter and feelings-feeler from Melbourne, Australia.
Harbouring an unwavering love for all things pop, Eilish creates deep, intricate and vulnerable music that will restore your faith in the genre.

On the creation of “Get Well Soon”, Eilish stated, ‘I wrote Get Well Soon with Gab Strum and Lach Bostock from Mansionair, in the midst of grieving a relationship – you know that part in the grieving process, where you start getting impatient that you’re not better yet? Yeah. That part. I dreamt of telling this person that I was so sick over them, still, after all this time – and I didn’t want them back, but I just wanted them to know that I still felt awful about the whole thing. And that I missed them.

Dave Haddad and I produced this one at the end of 2020, and I really love the Japanese Breakfast style vocal synth (that was also something that we’d worked on in the writing room with Gab and Lach). The main synth part is all my voice and I think it turned out so cool. I think there’s something very evocative about this track, particularly the bridge – I wanted it to feel like a dream, and I reckon it really does.’

Melbourne/Naarm based singer and songwriter Eilish Gilligan will be releasing her forthcoming EP, ‘First One To Leave The Party’ on August the 6th. It’s lead single ‘Get Well Soon’ grapples with the despair of grieving relationships and the process of moving on, wrapped in the glistening glow of Gilligan’s exceptional song writing. Her swelling voice through the tracks chorus is harrowing, combining elegantly with the a dancey drum line and rousing synths. Showcased on ‘Get Well Soon’ is her ability to perfectly capture an emotive period of time, packaging up an array of emotions, moods and feelings and presenting them through excellent, introspective music.

Releases June 25th, 2021

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