Posted: June 24, 2021 in MUSIC

Quicksand have recently returned with their first new song in three years, “Innervision” a track that feels like Quicksand but really pushes their sound forward and might be even better than their already-great 2017 comeback album “Interiors”. Now, Quicksand have announced a new album — their fourth overall and second since reuniting –– “Distant Populations“, which comes out digitally on August 13th via Epitaph Records and on vinyl on September 24th. We’ve got an awesome-looking “hot pink & cyan blue pinwheel” vinyl variant limited to 500.

It features “Inversion” as well as the just-released “Missile Command,” which is another very promising taste of this album. “It really kind of focuses on Sergio’s (Vega) whole motif in a very simple way,” frontman Walter Schreifels said of the song. “He and Alan (Cage) just have this really kind of trademark groove, and I think that really sings on this one to me. I just felt like it’s a kind of song that is very us, but we hadn’t written it yet.” It is indeed very bass-forward, and the heavy, chunky groove is contrasted with a subtle drone and soaring, psychedelic melodies that feel imported from Revolver.

Like Interiors, the new album was produced by Will Yip, whose production style has defined the recent wave of post hardcore bands that Quicksand helped inspire. Thematically, the album takes on relationships and communication in the modern world. “Everyone is on the one hand so connected with each other, and on the other hand, is so far apart,” Walter says. “We’re checking out each other’s social media and we know what everybody’s doing. But when we’re sitting in the same room together, we’re looking at our phones.”

Quicksand have also announced a autumn tour, Pick up the variant of the new Quicksand record and while you’re there, you can also pick up a copy of “Interiors” on black smokey vinyl,

“Missile Command” from the album ‘Distant Populations’, available August 13th.

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