LOVELORN – ” What’s Yr Damage “

Posted: June 23, 2021 in MUSIC

Synth-punk duo Lovelorn has spent the past few years crafting their debut record, and it’s finally coming to fruition.

After debuting in a March of 2018 gig at Underground Arts, the project of Pat and Anna Troxell — formerly the rhythmic core of Philadelphia heavy psychedelic four-piece Creepoid — released a string of nervy electronic singles inspired by a spectrum of artists from Suicide to Spaceman 3. At the top of the COVID-19 pandemic, they released the anxiety-ridden Deep Breaths EP and relocated to Austin, and this week they’ve announced “What’s Yr Damage“, their debut full-length, due out on 6131 Records this summer.

The announcement comes with the release of album teaser “Sickness Reward,” a barreling burner that puts Anna’s commanding vocals in the forefront as she belts lyrics like “when I win I’m losing / and when I’m losing I’m alive”; a press release refers to the song as “a meditation on failure in all of its forms.”

Take a listen check out the album from 6131 Records, where it will be released on August 6th. Pat tells us some live dates might be in the cards beginning in September.

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