ALYSON McNAMARA – ” Let Me Sleep “

Posted: June 23, 2021 in MUSIC

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Alyson McNamara has recently released her new album “Let Me Sleep” which includes the previously shared tracks “Thats Today” and “Waiting”, along with album highlight “Got All Night.”

It’s a a song she describes as a “homage to this weird and mystical dumpy apartment I used to live in – the story is about inviting someone over for the first time, assuring them it’s nice inside”

As with those tracks, McNamara showcases her supreme song writing prowess here in a way that carries the torch of smart folk-leaning song writing, but through a charming indie-pop sensibility that reveals itself to be even catchier than you imagined. It coasts along with a light ease to it but still packs a significant emotional wallap.

Give the lovely “Got All Night” a listen , where we have also shared a longer quote from McNamara about the songs background.

“That was a huge lesson for me: if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it,” says Alyson McNamara about “After Hours,” the opening track of her latest release Let Me Sleep. It’s a song that Alyson wrote nearly ten years ago and it was almost included on her 2018 album We All Heard Nothing. But the sonic layers and quick tempo of the 2018 version didn’t sit right with her so she scrapped the song.

Over the years, “After Hours” blossomed into something new and the version heard on Let Me Sleep has a hazy and laid-back vibe that sets the introspective mood of the entire record: “Take a deep breath,” Alyson urges. By the end of the track, she is revitalized and, ready to take on whatever comes next, declares: “Another page has been turned. ”Let Me Sleep” marks a new beginning for the Toronto-based indie-folk musician.

I had my own place in Toronto for a few years and my friends and I would always refer to the house as “Garbage World”. It housed a lot of musicians over the years and we all just enjoyed it for what it was, leaky ceilings, rickety balconies, scary mystery rooms and all. It was a bit of a celebrity house on the block due to its constantly tarped-up porch and spooky look. I talked my way into some very cheap rent and loved it there, but it came with a few caveats, namely not having a lock on my apartment door and inheriting a pile of strange clutter that I wasn’t allowed to get rid of.

“Got All Night” is a bit of an homage to this weird and mystical place – the story is about inviting someone over for the first time, knowing they’ll likely be a bit hesitant and assuring them that it’s nice in my place at the top. I wrote this song in a little hut at a song writing residency in the mountains and it felt so much easier to paint a picture about living and dating in the city once I had removed myself from it.

All Songs Written by Alyson McNamara
Alyson McNamara – Guitar, Piano Vocals
Daniel McNamara – Bass, Piano
Kevin Richards – Drums, Percussion
Daniel Hass – Cello
Dave Monks – Backing Vocals, Additional Guitar

Released June 4th, 2021

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