ESTHER ROSE – ” How Many More Times “

Posted: June 22, 2021 in MUSIC

Esther Rose just keeps on running and running at a steady and consistent pace. The alt country upstart has been building out a gorgeous catalogue that ranges from stripped down freak folk (“Don’t Blame it on the Moon”, “Songs Remain”) to summer love indie pop (“Only Loving You”, “Keeps Me Running”) and everything in between. She’s paid homage to some of her musical heroes with her My Favourite Mistakes EP which features a cool batch of covers of artists like Sheryl Crow, Nick Lowe, and Hank Williams. And most recently she’s been back on the map with her latest critically acclaimed album “How Many Times”.

Esther takes the concept of a breakup album and flips it ever so slightly into a collection of songs that are bursting with colour, sly humor, and just plain fun. For her most recent project she decided to call in an eclectic group of artists to reimagine some of her favourite songs from the record. That idea morphed into How Many More Times which includes covers from indie scene luminaries Shamir, Anjimile, Twain, Tasha, Stef Chura, and an early-evening techno remix from producer Field Supervisor.

Shamir’s take on “Songs Remain” and Twain’s spin on the album’s title track both lean into a character based energy that breathes fresh air into each song. Anjimile’s amber-hued vocals work perfectly for “Coyote Creek” and Tasha’s big sky sound stretches the album deep cut “Are You Out There” to new and soaring heights. Stef Chura brings the weirdness and a sense of beautiful chaos with her blown out version of “Good Time”. It’s a breezy listening experience that shows the unwavering strength of Esther’s song writing and just how far her voice can go. 

Releases July 16th, 2021

All songs written by Esther Rose 

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