WATER FROM YOUR EYES – ” When You’re Around “

Posted: June 21, 2021 in MUSIC
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New York-based duo Water From Your Eyes have a new album, “Structure”, due out on August 27th via Wharf Cat, their first album for the label. This week they shared its second single, the dreamy horn-backed love song “When You’re Around” which references the band’s name in the lyrics and has a very Beach Boys vibe. It’s the opening song to Structure.

The duo’s last album was 2019’s Somebody Else’s Song.

Water From Your Eyes is Nate Amos and Rachel Brown. Amos had this to say about the new song in a press release: “‘When You’re Around’ is the first ‘movie’ song on Structure. It was written for a karaoke scene that never came to fruition (I probably would’ve written something else if it had because I like this song too much). It was initially supposed to be a straight-forward love song but it gradually twisted and developed a weird sea-sick core. I was really obsessed with the album Climate of Hunter by Scott Walker (still am) and I think that had a lot to do with it.

‘Structure’s”…structure, as the album is arranged in what Amos describes as “two matching halves.” Each side of the LP begins with what he and Brown term “a movie song” (the first of these “When You’re Around” was originally written to soundtrack a karoake scene in a coming-of-age indie film), which is followed by a spoken word piece and then ends with different songs called “Quotations” Tracks 3,4,7 and 8 all contain re-arranged versions of the same lyrical phrases, and the song entitled “Track 5” is actually the album’s 6th track. All of this may sound bewildering, but the conceptual feints pale in comparison to the auditory hall of mirrors that Water From Your Eyes have created on the album.  

Light on the outside, spooky on the inside. It serves as sort of separate but thematically related scene to set the tone for the rest of the album.”

Previously Water From Your Eyes shared the album’s first single, “Quotations”. A previous press release said that “it’s a concept album that pokes fun of the idea of concept albums, exploring high-minded ideas while subverting them and applying a hyper-focused eye for detail in the service of a series of clever misdirections.”

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