ALISA TULLY – ” Holy Isle ” EP

Posted: June 21, 2021 in MUSIC

Welsh singer songwriter Ailsa Tully, last week is something of a landmark for Ailsa, as she has detailed the release of her debut EP, “Holy Isle”, due out next month on Dalliance Recordings. Alongside the announcement, Ailsa has shared a brand-new single, “Greedy”.

Discussing the inspiration behind the EP, Ailsa has suggested it is a record that looks in the rear-view mirror, reflecting on a past relationship with empathy and well-wishes rather than anger or sadness. As well as thematically looking back, the record also saw Ailsa re-connect with her first instrument, the cello. On “Greedy“, it plays a part in the delightfully fast-moving whole, this is a song that never stays still, shifting through musical ideas and moods and dragging the listener along for the thrilling ride. At times the track sounds like it’s going to slide into bass-driven rock, before instead floating off on a delightfully delicate vocal melody or a wave of dreamy guitars.

A song Ailsa describes as being about, “opening myself up to the world in a new and messy way”, Greedy might be a song that does exactly that. Ailsa has received support from BBC Radio’s Huw Stephens, BBC Introducing and Hoxton Radio. Her most recent accomplishment is signing to Dalliance Recordings (Home to acts including GIA Margaret and Wilsen).

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