HALLAN – ” Reruns “

Posted: June 18, 2021 in MUSIC
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Following up on recent single “Orwell’s Idyllic Future”, Portsmouth based post punks Hallan drop new single “Reruns” – a subversive deconstruction of self-help which will feature of their upcoming Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor EP which is set for release on Wednesday July 16th via Swan Records.

“I like to think that between the four of us, there’s not a thing we haven’t had a crack at during our “year of self betterment”. And thus over the last year we have become experts on the mundane. We know the things you’re meant to enjoy are not the pleasures they may seem, and we know for certain you’ll get more joy out of watching a watermelon being crushed by a hydraulic press at 30,000 frames per second (at 2AM), than you ever will sweating on an exercise bike. ‘Reruns’ embraces the mundane and we like to think the track is us finding our true calling as self-titled “preachers of mundanity”.

We’re proud to announce the release of our debut EP ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ via Nice Swan Records . A prologue chapter within the world we call Hallan, RLFTLRF introduces the 21st century to the Gumshoe Boy. The boy is always the man for the job. He’s the man on the inside. He’s the Agency’s number one frontman and he’s armed with a tape provided by an anonymous source. An undercover operative in a satirical, Orwellian world, RLFTLRF paints a semi-abstract but tangible image of the new decade, holding a mirror up to not only our modern society but our individual selves.

The time is now right. From the corner of his bleak bedroom the boy plans his plan, and from the corner of ours we do the same.

Track Listing:1. Reruns 2. Hands Up 3. The White Boys 4. Orwell’s Idyllic Future 5. Television Show 6. Prime Time Lullaby (Vinyl Exclusive)

See Hallan show off their new EP Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor when they play Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham on Saturday 28th August. More Dates to be added.

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