THIS IS THE KIT – ” Keep Going (Desert Island Version) “

Posted: June 16, 2021 in MUSIC
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This Is The Kit is the musical project of Kate Stables and whoever joins her. You thought you didn’t like the banjo but you were wrong pal. Listen as Kate rips forward with her hypnotic twang pattern and a voice of rare, unaffected beauty.

We have been working on a set of interpetations and versions of Off Off On songs (plus the odd cover). The first of these Off Off Oddities is revealed today. Jesse D Vernon’s Keep Going Desert Island Version is available everywhere

And while thinking about this song and doing tape delay experiments Jesse had the idea that he wanted to make a live performance walking along video of this song. So we dug out a battery powered amp and bunged it in a string bag and slung it over my shoulder and headed out into our neighbourhood to walk around and play the song. We did a few different takes and , as is the way with these things, in each take there were nice moments to be found. People passing by, funny noises in the back ground, a friend recognising us from their balcony, certain architectural coincidences that went nicely with the music… things like that. So we decided to edit all the takes together using our favourite bits and keeping the audio from each take. Jesse did an amazing job of editing it all together and then added some tape delayed string arrangements over the top. A kind of unexpected/unspoken atmosphere/presence. and here it is. a video of me walking around my neighbourhood where I’ve been all year. quite a rare thing for me as usually I’m on tour, so this video feels partly like it should be dedicated to the place and streets where i live and all the people who also live there and who have been getting through the past year or so as best they can.

Released June 1st, 2021
2021, Rough Trade Records Ltd

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