The ZOMBIES – ” Oddities & Extras ” Record Store Day 2021

Posted: June 14, 2021 in MUSIC

The Zombies have a bit of a confusing discography, with different configurations of their albums being released in the U.K. and U.S.  There have been efforts to clean things up over the years, but there are still differences.  A case in point: the release in 2019 of two different vinyl box sets examining the group’s studio work, one on Demon Records for the U.K and one from Varese Vintage for the U.S.A.

Now for Record Store Day, Craft Recordings is releasing the fifth LP from the Varese set (which was newly curated at the time).  The 13-track set gathers material not featured on the U.S. versions of The Zombies’ albums including rarities, U.K.-only album tracks and outtakes.  Collectively, this material makes a compelling listen on its own.  Some of the songs include a cover of Little Anthony and The Imperials’ “Goin’ Out of My Head,” the early B-side “I Can’t Make Up My Mind,” as well as three songs (“Remember You,” “Just Out of Reach” and “Nothing’s Changed”) from the soundtrack to Otto Preminger’s 1965 film Bunny Lake Is Missing, in which the band appeared. 

A bespoke collection of rare singles and UK-only album tracks from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Far from being cast-offs and also-rans, the selections are every bit as essential as the tracks included on the Zombies’ primary releases.  

Side One: 1. Kind Of Girl, 2. She’s Coming Home, 3. I Must Move, 4. I Want You Back Again, 5. I Can’t Make Up My Mind, 6. I Remember When I Loved Her, 7. I’m Going Home; Side Two: 1. Remember You, 2. Just Out Of Reach, 3. Nothing’s Changed, 4. Goin’ Out Of My Head, 5. She Does Everything For Me, 6. A Love That Never Was

Pressed on 180g black vinyl, the LP includes notes from Andrew Sandoval, who also co-produced the set.  It is limited to 3,000 copies.

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