Posted: June 12, 2021 in MUSIC
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Illuminati Hotties, Let Me Do One More

Sarah Tudzin’s tenderpunk project illuminati hotties is back with their first new music since their acclaimed 2020 release “FREE I.H.: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For“, and the music-industry rigmarole that has dogged the band in the past is now behind them. In addition to sharing the video for their first single of 2021, “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA” (pronounced “Moo!,” they say), Tudzin announced her own new label, Snack Shack Tracks, in partnership with L.A.-based indie label Hopeless Records, so when the one you have been waiting for comes out (a release window has yet to be revealed), you’ll have her to thank for it. “Somebody told me my music is too ‘cute’ to take seriously” Tudzin says of the band’s new single. “So I wrote them a love letter. I hope they’re laughing their patoots off.” “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA” kicks “cute” to the curb with queasy guitars and synth stutters, with Tudzin contorting her voice as she sneers at pushes to make her art more “palatable” (read: profitable): “You think I wanna be a part of / Every self-appointed startup? / Every brand-approval markup? / Place that precious pretty product,” she mocks, having a blast as she colours outside the lines.

The official music video for “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA” out now on Snack Shack Tracks/Hopeless Records!

Illuminati hotties, the exhilaratingly noisy project of Sarah Tudzin, has dealt with a lot over the years. From label disputes to unpaid royalties, it has been a rocky road to get to the point of independence. Today, illuminati hotties announces their third album “Let Me Do One More“, came out October 1st via Tudzin’s imprint label Snack Shack Tracks. To kick off the summer, the band shares “Pool Hopping,” the album’s second single following “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA.” Tudzin uses the pool as a cheeky metaphor for relationships and her desire to find someone better.

Her spry lyrics and the beach-punk vibes of the song lend itself well to the equally fitting music video: Everyone is in a pool. Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin went through some shit with her label last year, but she just announced her own imprint, Snack Shack Tracks. Its first song, a wild-eyed pop-punk ripper called “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA,” is the sound you make when you are this close to losing it. The song opens with a few stabs of guitar and scattershot drums, but then Tudzin swoops in like a cheap vacuum, sucking up chaos and spreading it around. She’s setting up first dates (“Won’t you swing by after hours so you know just what you’re getting into?”) and sassing customers (“On the phone when they call me ‘Mister’/I say, ‘Ma’am, that’ll be just fine’”) and having bad trips (“Man, I was scared but I took his drugs”). She’s spiraling into depression (“I’m so sad I can’t do laundry”) and surging up on a mood swing (“I had it bad but now I’m back in the saddle, baby!”).

It’s all pulling toward that chorus—“Mmm/Ooo/Aaaaa/Ya ya”—the one-sided onomatopoeia of a conversation she can’t bear to keep having, while meanwhile her mind is racing, racing, racing through marketing strategy (“Place that precious pretty product!”) and U.S. politics (“The DNC is playing dirty!”) and sexual roleplay (“Call me, Daddy!”). “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA” is a pressure valve release for digital-mental-emotional-spiritual overload, sneering and ironic, gross on purpose: In her video tribute-slash-parody of D’Angelo, Tudzin mugs for the camera shirtless and gets dressed like nachos in a goopy stream of something she describes as “slimey” and I might optimistically call “gruel.” It doesn’t make any goddamn sense (whose life does anymore); the final line hits with an orgasmic gasp, a Cruella de Vil laugh, and the total gracelessness of truth under capitalism: “If you’re not laughing, baby/Then you’re not making money!” Mmm-mmm-mmm.

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