JILL WHIT – “Time Is Being”

Posted: June 8, 2021 in MUSIC
the album art for time is being by Jill Whit

Today is the release date for “Time Is Being”, a dreamy & meditative electronic pop album by Salt Lake City-based songwriter, musician, tattooer, and fine artist Jill Whit has developed a far-reaching yet comprehensive artistic practice rooted in intimacy. But the focus has rarely been as personal as it has this past year. The opening months of the pandemic brought solitude, and with it a newfound focus on the self. What emerged from the period is time is being, a brand new record to be released this spring on Orindal Records.

Entirely self-recorded, the album strives to create the most fertile conditions in which to explore one’s interior state, blending the lo-fi sensibilities of bedroom pop with elements of ambient to form the bedrock upon which Whit’s lyricism and spoken-word poetry can flourish. While the release is at least in part formed around the dissolution of a relationship, it inverts its focus, rejecting the traditional outward gaze of longing.

A multi-disciplinary artist from Salt Lake City, Jill Whit moves between artistic styles, experimenting in music, fine art and tattooing, to name but a few. Jill’s latest project is a “bedroom ambient”, electronic-pop album, time is being and it is due out later this month on Orindal Records. The release was recently announced alongside two brilliant singles, “Touchless” and “Maybe Means No”, Though written amid the dying embers of the relationship, ‘Maybe Means No’, is a natural progression from the previous track.

Contemplating fleeing the present for new time and space, the song works up the courage to make a decision, growing brighter as it edges over the precipice of hesitancy into freefall. The drop might be sudden, the song suggests, and must be experienced alone, but there is feeling in such a descent.

Jill Whit is premiering the latest track from the album, Internet Cowboy. “Internet Cowboy”, a sense of brightness and positivity is instant, even if it is underlain with a certain intrinsic wistfulness. The track opens on a pulse of a keyboard, and Jill’s reverberating vocal, “there is light, even at the ending”. The single then seems to meander and flow through a variety of electronic landscapes, mirroring the lyrical content, “your love is so simple, like a river that runs, while I’m standing still”. As the track gently fades out, it seems to leave a warm after-glow, a feeling of hopefulness and the most underrated emotion, contentment. 

“time is being”, the new album by Jill Whit, is out May 28th, 2021 on Orindal Records.


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