The GOON SAX – ” In The Stone “

Posted: June 5, 2021 in MUSIC
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Really happy to be able to share this live video we made for “In the Stone” a few months back. Given the events of the last year or so it felt really important to us to still document the live element of the album and our band in this moment. We ended up making a few videos like this which we’ll keep sharing.

Once we started rehearsing a set again we realised In the Stone is probably the hardest song off our album to replicate live because it requires simple things to be done so counterintuitively – the tune to which hairs were pulled! When we recorded the album version in Bristol we’d intended to play to a drum machine but the song felt better loose, changing pace a bit, so we ended up doing it with live drums and then triggered the drum machine from Riley’s hits.

This version in turn is us playing along with that drum machine track, triggered from the drum take Riley did in Bristol last year lol. The tempo is very emotional so playing it right doesn’t mean playing metrically in time, or getting over excited and ahead. I ended up really enjoying that this song forced us more so than ever to tune into the rhythm of our past selves – or more specifically Riley’s self last year – not to fight it, but…feel it! So yeah, this is that!

Also an enormous thank you to the amazing team both here in Brisbane and in London who helped us put this lil vid together: Marly Lüske for recording and mixing,Tom Carroll (DOP) and Hugo Nobay (1st AC) Madeline Randall for SFX Marisa Gesualdi for editing and James Caswell for producing the whole damn thing. And to our sweet sweet Al of course whose on lead guitar here, we love you!.

“In the Stone” is taken from the upcoming album ‘Mirror II,’ out on Matador Records

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