REAL ESTATE – ” Half a Human ” EP

Posted: June 5, 2021 in MUSIC

Half a Human is a collection of six songs created between two different worlds. While the architecture of each was constructed during sessions for 2020’s “The Main Thing”, the tracks came to life when the band began trading the material back and forth remotely throughout the pandemic. They found new ways of working together as they further explored the emotional landscapes they’ve been perfecting for more than a decade, and in taking stock of themselves and the uncertainty of their future, “Half a Human” helped them arrive at a new thesis statement for the band.

Real Estate have also released six new visual’s, one for each song on the EP, directed by FISK. Inspired by old winamp visualizers, each video was created through radical editing of candid footage from each band member. 

Another home run from Real Estate! Classic Real Estate sound and vibe throughout the EP. In the Garden is as beautiful a tune as they have crafted recently. Nobody elicits a bliss chill like this band consistently does. There isn’t a weak spot on this EP and the band seems to have really hit an extremely interesting and beautiful sound with this and the Main Thing that I can’t wait to hear them continue and progress. The addition of Julian to this band years ago cannot be understated – I love the change in direction the band has taken since him coming on board. The song writing all around here is just beautiful from start to finish!.

This collection of six new songs that were started and finished in two very different places. As Real Estate’s first EP in more than a decade, singer/guitarist Martin Courtney admits that when writing this music, he was feeling weird about being in a band, wondering how the group was still going strong after so many years. But while the architecture of Half a Human was constructed during sessions for their 2020 album. 

Though the past year might be the longest time Real Estate has spent off the road and away from each other, Half a Human showcases some of their most intuitive and interpersonal arrangements to date. “Half a Human” has long been one of Real Estate’s favourite songs to play live, while “In the Garden” builds a bridge between The Main Thing highlights like “Paper Cup” and the sound of the band’s next era. Throughout the rest of the EP they tackle thorny subjects of aging, connection and loss of innocence with lush instrumentation, even as lyrics evoke images of complicated emotion, 

Our new “Half A Human” is out now! Listen everywhere + order the 12” vinyl 

Released March 26th, 2021

2021, Domino Recording Co Ltd

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