LE GUESS WHO FESTIVAL 11th-14th November 2021 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Posted: June 5, 2021 in MUSIC
Revealing 46 program additions for Le Guess Who? 2021

It is true that making plans for shows and festivals in 2021 is a bit of a gamble. But Le Guess Who? believes that it’s important to have something to look forward to. In the spirit of cautious optimism, we are proud to announce the second round of confirmations for November 11-14 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Le Guess Who?’s goal to bring people together hasn’t changed, and neither has our global focus: we continue to work hard to keep as many voices in the room as possible. Together we need to experience new music and artistry, and find new inspirations. We truly can’t wait to have you with us again.

Now a hallmark of the festival, Le Guess Who? has again invited five guest curators to present their own programs of inspiring and like-minded artists.

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, visual artist and record label owner John Dwyer will perform as part of OSEES and will also present the live premiere of Bent Arcana, the group Dwyer formed last year and draws inspiration from prog- and krautrock, jazz and avant-garde improvisation. For his curated program, Dwyer invites legendary German krautrock group faUSt, performing their iconic album ‘Faust IV’ (1973); Arrington de Dionyso’s avant-blues/garage-rock outfit Old Time Relijun; vocalist, keyboard and tambourine player–and OSEES collaborator–Brigid Dawson & Sunwatchers; the cosmic musical universe of Earth Girl Helen Brown; and Gustaf, Brooklyn’s most ‘reliable fun band’.

Colombia-born/Berlin-based producer and sound artist Lucrecia Dalt will present her collaboration with Aaron Dilloway (Wolf Eyes); their new album ‘Lucy & Aaron’ will be released in July. Dalt also curates performances by Argentinian sound sculptor Beatriz Ferreyra; Barcelona’s “progressive Gregorian” vocal duo Tarta Relena; German futuristic noise musician, curator, and radio host Felix Kubin; and Columbian singer-songwriter Julián Mayorga, known for his free-spirited and hyper-active compositions. 

Japanese percussionist and minimalist/ambient composer Midori Takada will perform at the festival as part of Ton-Klami, her free jazz improvisational trio with pianist Masahiko Satoh and saxophonist Kang Tae Hwan. Takada also invites The Hague’s Ensemble Klang to present the live premiere of their audiovisual project, Thrift Hybrids.

Clarinetist, saxophonist and “panoramic sound quilter” Matana Roberts will curate performances by free jazz and sonic poetry collective Irreversible Entanglements (featuring LGW18 curator Moor Mother); Justin Broadrick’s dark, gloomy and glittery Jesu; French composer, double bass player and vocalist Joëlle Léandre; and Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi, who has been meaningfully manipulating the guitar and its sounds for over thirty years.

At LGW 2021, lauded singer-songwriter Phil Elverum will be joined by guitarist Jay Blackinton to perform the Microphones in 2020 album in its entirety. Elverum also curates performances from figureheads of the flourishing Nairobi underground metal scene, Duma; folk and jazz cellist and former Nirvana collaborator Lori Goldston; and Estonian contemporary folk musician Mari Kalkun.

More artists from the curated programs will be announced at a later date.

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