ELEPHANTS ON TAPE – ” Every Structure’s Dislocated “

Posted: June 1, 2021 in MUSIC
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German band Elephants On Tape have followed up 2017’s Lightweights with another indietronica gem, “Every Structure’s Dislocated”. A particular highlight is Narks,

Lightweights, the 2018 debut album by the Leipzig-based indie-tronic formation Elephants On Tape was an easily overlooked treasure in the sheer massiveness of the weekly release but it showed a band that had all the skills to stand out. The follow-up album, “Every Structure’s Dislocated” takes the debut’s strengths a bit further. The tightrope-walking between traditional song writing and electronic experiments still marks the core of the band’s sound but their latest endeavours see them move a bit further into progressive territory while still circling around honest emotion and catchy hooks.

Their second LP is a short yet very addictive affair, held together by tiny little interludes that go by titles like {fume, {ascii; or >larva} … well, Justin Vernon would be proud of the four guys and singer Lisa Zwinzscher and there are indeed a few references to Bon Iver in their music. Partly the band also reminds you of The Notwist, a few of the later Depeche Mode records maybe Portishead and other sounds from that field. The guitar sound is pretty old-fashioned, reminding you of the more melancholic 00s indie rock bands while the analogue electronic sounds feels like a toally different affair. But somehow they make it work, creating a retro future vibe without falling into obvious traps like unnecessary auto-tune adventures.

All things considered, Elephants On Tape are a band that knows how to perform together, the entire album comes with this sweet DIY lo-fi spirit that grounds the entire sound in the here and now. It’s not a slick studio record, it’s the sound of five profound musicians joining forces. The songs are less about their abstract lyrical content but more about the overall vibe. “I am deep sea diving in an ocean of words from your mouth,” Zwinzscher states in the opening Narks as she outlines the map of the rest of the record. 01100010 is a twisted yet sensual and almost jazzy ballad while Transient Day shows a more uplifting side from the group. Closing track Hyperactive marks an actual highlight of the record. Built on a gentle piano melody it really showcases the vocal skills of the band leader, making Zwinzscher almost sound like Bjork. Every Structure’s Dislocated is a smart and consequent step forward for the band and if they continue to head for that brave path they will hopefully no longer remain a hidden treasure. 

»01100010« is the first single of our upcoming Album “Every Structure’s Dislocated” out on April 23rd.

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