CREEPER – ” American Noir ” EP

Posted: June 1, 2021 in MUSIC
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The release is an epilogue to the story of the band’s second album, ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ Creeper have announced details of a new EP, described as an epilogue to the story presented on their 2020 album “Sex Death & The Infinite Void”.

‘American Noir’ is set to come out on July 30th via Roadrunner Records, and is being previewed by its first single ‘Midnight’.

According to a press release, the new EP is a requiem to Roe, a central character in the band’s recent second album. Frontman Will Gould explained: “This new EP is comprised of material we’d written over the course of the last album. Lavish and tragic, it tells the story of the days following the death of our protagonist Roe.

“Beginning with ‘Midnight’ you’ll find Hannah and I experimenting with our voices together like never before.”

Creeper’s ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ came out last July. In a four star review, NME labelled it “a brave, ambitious and nuanced album that looks to lead the band’s fans down the rabbit hole on a new, macabre adventure”.

It added: “Turning their backs on their punk roots was a gamble, but it’s paid off. Next time around, expect Creeper to delve even deeper into the rabbit hole, to stare down the infinite void with even greater defiance.”

Since then, frontman Gould launched a side project Salem.

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