HALF WAIF – ” Sodium & Cigarettes “

Posted: May 28, 2021 in MUSIC

Half Waif, the project of Hudson Valley, NY-based artist Nandi Rose, shares “Sodium & Cigarettes,” the hopeful and haunting new single from her anticipated upcoming album ‘Mythopoetics’,out July 9th on ANTI-Records.
“Sodium & Cigarettes’ follows the theme of many of the tracks on “Mythopoetics” and deals with the recognition that no one is going to magically save us or pull us out of our misery. The chorus ‘okay, give it another day’ is something I say to myself when I’ve had a really awful day and everything feels like a wash. It’s a deep breath and a stab at courage I can face tomorrow, and who knows what possibilities for joy and growth that will bring,” says Rose. “While working on the album during the Democratic Primary in early 2020, the song took on new meaning for me in light of political conversations. “I believe in something more than what’s in front of me” became a commentary on people saying, ‘well, this system is what we’ve got and you can’t ask for more.’ I firmly believe that we have to fight for the world we imagine, that everything is possible. So this song is really a quiet encouragement for me, a way to tell myself to stop running, to face what’s coming with clarity and vision and courage, to know there’s another tomorrow.“

Half Waif twists this tentative and intimate affection within their soaring vocal harmonies and their raw lyrics. Half Waif’s triumphant vocal notes collide with the traditional keys forming a structure within. Allowing another avenue of emotion to seep into this immersive creation. The enveloping harmonies that surround the ambiance will send chills, Half Waif has this flawless ability to stop their audience in their tracks with their standout arrangements. The power of this artist carefully breaks out at key parts of this consuming creation. When the release fades out, we sit with the silence and think about the beautiful body of work that just hypnotized us and took us away from reality. Embrace the fragility of “Sodium & Cigarettes” and from there you grasp the delicacy.

Last month, Half Waif announced her anticipated new album ‘Mythopoetics’, with a video for lead single “Swimmer” following tracks “Orange Blossoms” Party’s Over” and “Take Away The Ache” all of which were released earlier this year. 

For Nandi Rose, writing a song is an act of transformation. As Half Waif, Rose pieces together the patchworks of our darkest and most vulnerable moments with a golden thread, crafting a majestic evocation of the human experience that permeates with a graceful strength. On new album ‘Mythopoetics’, she breaks the familial patterns handed down to her, transforming this source of pain into something bearable, beautiful and celebratory. It is an essential reminder that we have the power to shape the stories we tell and the myths we make of our lives.

‘Mythopoetics’ is an album about processing past traumas in the quest for a new, sun dappled pathway, and the transformation that takes place as we take each tentative step. The artwork, shot by Ali Cherkis, sees Rose screaming in bright colours on the front, and naked, with a stoic expression on the back, representing the spectrum of emotions explored throughout each track. Change, evolution and joy take real courage, and it’s in the catharsis of telling your story that the calm, confident aftermath can finally reach the surface. Here, Half Waif is shunning the shadowed mass of generational trauma and the patterns passed down to her. Instead, she plants a seed, urging the orange blossom to sprout through the cracks in the concrete.

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