BANDICOOT – ” Worried Blues “

Posted: May 28, 2021 in MUSIC

Just half way through 2021 and already Bandicoot has dropped two of the most ferocious singles of the year, now the band are back to share their upcoming single “Worried Blues”, yet again another defining single from this promising outfit. Of the last two tracks the band has shared , One back in February then in April, we screamed from the rooftops that 2021 was the year of Bandicoot, well they’ve certainly owned that statement. The Welsh 4 piece recently joined the impressive Libertino family, that amalgamation alone showcases the talent that Bandicoot conveys. Libertino Records have this remarkable knack for introducing so many talented outfits and their must-hear records.

For Bandicoot “Worried Blues” inhabits a world of paranoia, born from a fear of lost love. It carries you down labyrinthine streets like a nightmarish memory, with a contagious strutting rhythm which never lets you stop moving along with it.” 

Never missing a beat or taking time to catch their breath Bandicoot are back with this impressive single.

For 3 minutes 42 seconds, Bandicoot elevates their audience into the center of their complex creation, filled with rhythmic passages and this overwhelming soundscape of giant proportions packed with abrasive shuffles, dynamic tones, and this daring attitude. “Worried Blues” starts with these dramatic piano keys accompanying the demanding vocal notes that join the ambiance immediately, the minimalist essence soon diminishes when the most ferocious and ardent drum beat and ecstatic shuffles join the exploration. Layer upon layer this mighty landscape welcomes the audience to appreciate the magnitude of the atmosphere, the intensity ramps up with the additional aggressive guitar tone and assertive riff. As the explosive structure develops we find ourselves captivated by the theatrical vocal flourishes of charismatic frontman Underdown, who ensures the audience is truly committed to this immersive arrangement.

The breakdown and instrumentation focus at 2 minutes 1 second will hypnotize you, your attention fixated on the soaring sounds and the mighty tones, the surging instrument addition seemingly employs this bold avant-garde technique to bring a contemporary feel to a sound that can also capture that of an 80s power hit. Bandicoot seriously covers such ample ground within their work. This dynamic and crushing transition showcases this bright stop-start and stellar crescendo. The vocal notes, lyrics, and powerful energy of the instrumentation all encapsulate this true long-lasting credible hit. The continuing appeal of adding in multiple elements, tones, and a flourish of versatile wind instrumentation all add this inspirational character into the ensemble. Throughout, it’s clear that Bandicoot brings this cool vibe to their rock tendencies, “Worried Blues” showcases the band’s unique combination of sonic chaotic complexity and melodic moments.

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