ANNE FREEMAN – ” When I’m a Wreck “

Posted: May 28, 2021 in MUSIC
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There is a special sweetness about Anne Freeman’s voice. If you haven’t gotten to experience yet, then “When I’m a Wreck” is a great place to start. At once sweet as a remembered moment and tinged with the ache that come with its non-existence, her delivery is an enamoring delight in each song she has put out to date. Yet “When I’m a Wreck” showcases this strength in new light, its chords dancing under her waves of “You” in the chorus, the guitars dousing her words in honey drops as violins bustle past nearby.

The centerpiece of Oxford, Mississippi-based singer/songwriter Anne Freeman’s debut album “Keep It Close” (June 25th, Muscle Beach Records), “When I’m a Wreck” melds the timeless twang of her native Mississippi Delta with Molly Rankin-esque (of Alvvays) vocals, clean indie-rock guitars and abundant strings that draw the emotion out of Freeman’s vulnerable lyrics. “You get me more than myself / You protect me from myself / You love me when I’m a wreck,” she croons in its choruses, radiating gratitude for the helping hand and crying shoulder offered even when she’s at her worst. The track blends rock, Americana and orchestral pop sounds, a lovely mixture that only heightens your connection to its affectionate emotional core. 

“When I’m a Wreck” the new single by Anne Freeman from upcoming album, ‘Keep It Close’-– out June 25th on Muscle Beach Records

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