SWEAR I LOVE YOU – ” Down the Stream “

Posted: May 27, 2021 in MUSIC
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If rock is the watchword here, it’s an alchemical one : alchemy of the guitars, flying (far) away, lost in space and time, melting over the sustained or relaxed – even dreamy – pace of the drums. The skeleton-bass gives a cohesive substance to the whole. This is a liquid chemistry, after all, made out of fluid streams of light.

Founded in 2019, Swear I Love You as a musical project, could be seen as a text where different writings are being superimposed : sounds reminiscent of previous bands (three of its members also played in the mighty Forks and the trippy MK-Ultra), but somehow distant from that past. Rewriting here should be understood as reinvention. Novelty comes hand in hand with a renewed collective enthusiasm channelled through the music composition and performance of their hypnotic and captivating tunes.

Lulled by influences found on the psych rock scene of bands such as Brian Jonestown Massacre and early Black Angels, their sound is expansive, equal parts heavy and ethereal, stained with an alpine kind of psychedelia, inspired by forests, mountains and (magic) mushrooms, flying clouds and a golden transluscent low-angled light glowing through the dark foliage and prairie wildflowers. In this neverending chiaroscuro game of the reassuring and the eerie, the poignant neo-romanticism of Echo and the Bunnymen and the enlightened ghost of Joy Division appear sometimes, haunting in the shady background (Smoke and Mirror, Sound of Seashells)

Catchy mélodies filed with nostalgia of Post-punk and Brit-pop, thats the promesses of Swear I Love You.
From the wild beauty of Swiss mountains to the none less real disillusion of modern life, this band bring back the ghost of 80’s romanticism with a pinch of enjoyable kitch.

New Maxi 12inch from single ‘Down The Stream’ taken from self titled album.

This record includes remixes by Anton Newcombe, Amson feat. Claire Dromelet, Die Wilde Jagd.

Available on EXAG Records. releases June 11th, 2021

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