FOXING – ” Draw Down The Moon “

Posted: May 27, 2021 in MUSIC
May be an image of text that says "DRAW DOWN THE MOON /// THE NEW AL BUM AVAIL ABL AUGUST6TH"

Foxing is a band. Someday Foxing won’t be a band.

Happy Flower Moon, everyone. We are proud to announce our new album, “Draw Down The Moon“, is out in its entirety August 6th 2021. You can pre-order the album along with our very own role-playing game, a colouring book, wild new clothing designed by Gordon Thomas and more at our store:

This album is about cosmic significance as it relates to ten themes. So far, we’ve explored the themes of death and financial ruin. Today, we present “Where The Lightning Strikes Twice”, a song about success and failure. We’ve been a band for about a decade. In that time, we’ve had our hopes raised and our hearts broken a thousand times by the music industry. This song is about begging for success and stability in the most uncertain, chaotic places. It’s also about acknowledging that failing with people you love and believe in will be worth the attempt in the end.

Draw Down The Moon is a ten-song album recorded & produced by E.M. Hudson and mixed by John Congleton with additional production by Andy Hull and mastered by Joe Lambert.

Releases August 6th, 2021

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